Interviews wydanie 18.08.2023 – 25.08.2023
The faked passports which saved countless lives
It took incredible courage to risk his life and that of his family to help the Jews - says Roger Moorhouse.
Columns wydanie 21.07.2023 – 28.07.2023
Mission not accomplished
The attitude of the Allies towards the Karski Report is not the subject of academic sessions.
Culture wydanie 2.06.2023 – 9.06.2023
Mystery of the missing painter of the Kolor Group
She was thought to have died during the war. And she survived. Hidden under a different name until her death, she sort of pretended she wasn't there.
Interviews wydanie 5.05.2023 – 12.05.2023
Nazism was less harmful than communism
“What is happening around John Paul II is a revenge of communism for the defeat inflicted upon it by the pope,” says professor Paweł Skibiński, a historian.
Columns wydanie 10.02.2023 – 17.02.2023
I am a Polish Jew
My friend celebrated his 100th birthday both in the synagogue as well as in the church. “Wherever I go, I pray,” he said, “God is the same everywhere.”
Civilization wydanie 13.01.2023 – 20.01.2023
The Jews continue to be the chosen nation
Part of Hitler's racist myth was his rejection of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Jesus Christ, Benedict XVI said.
Columns wydanie 2.12.2022 – 9.12.2022
They were the most reliable of the reliable
Where to best hide a Jewish child?
Interviews wydanie 12.08.2022 – 19.08.2022
The Holocaust in Poland was conducted by the Germans
Wildstein: It is unacceptable to exploit this wartime tragedy to hit out at Polish identity.
Culture wydanie 22.07.2022 – 29.07.2022
Marc Chagall – Freak from the Shtetl
He used to say about himself: “I am a little Jew from Vitebsk. Everything I feel, paint, do, all of my ‘me’ is contained within this.”
Columns wydanie 22.04.2022 – 29.04.2022
Erasing Israel
The poor Poles are looking at a valley full of bones.