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Dirty dozen or faces of power

History Latest issue
Where is the Rubens painting from Kalisz?
Did the masterpiece burn down? Or maybe it fell prey to thieves?
Interviews Latest issue
A weak Russia will be a threat to NATO
Poland is now in the most favorable moment in history, as never before through the ages, says US armored forces officer Robert Forczyk.
Pop culture crime trackers
Some have become nutters and the reputation of others has always been reprehensible.
Civilization Latest issue
When machines decide instead of humans...
Some lose jobs thanks to technology, but others are gaining them.
Columns Latest issue
The chatbot who almost became a doctor
He's just like us. Just wait for him to get lazy, start plagiarising, get pissed off at being bothered with 'head' or go mad.
Why Doesn’t Babiš Want to Help Poland?
He is a former communist and security agent, and today an ally of Macron and Verhofstadt.

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