Magdalena Kawalec-Segond

Civilization wydanie 10.03.2023 – 17.03.2023
Injection for obesity
Elon Musk himself claims that "it works and he knows it from his own experience".
Interviews wydanie 17.02.2023 – 24.02.2023
Polish Stonehenge
Silver and lead were smelted in the area as far back as in the early Middle Ages.
Interviews wydanie 3.02.2023 – 10.02.2023
Artificial embryos in an artificial uterus
They can be used for toxicity tests and drug analysis
Columns wydanie 27.01.2023 – 3.02.2023
The chatbot who almost became a doctor
He's just like us. Just wait for him to get lazy, start plagiarising, get pissed off at being bothered with 'head' or go mad.
Civilization wydanie 20.01.2023 – 27.01.2023
'Orgasm hormone' restores the sense of smell
It would be a miracle cure for the network of neural connections "stiffened" by age and the inevitable declines caused by diseases or accidents.
Civilization wydanie 16.12.2022 – 23.12.2022
Machine diplomacy
Will the absence of emotion in communication help AI to manipulate people?
Interviews wydanie 5.08.2022 – 12.08.2022
What does AI think?
It gathers information from its environment, connects the dots and draws conclusions. Its program works like the human brain. The Google programmer claims his chatbot can “feel”.
Interviews wydanie 15.07.2022 – 22.07.2022
 Brain feeds on movement
More than 70 per cent of human communication is non-verbal. Interview with neurologopedist Ewa Zaniewska.
Civilization wydanie 1.07.2022 – 8.07.2022
Steak from a bull resistant to global warming
Will we "create" people who are genetically tolerant of heat?
Civilization wydanie 24.06.2022 – 1.07.2022
When will plastic disappear?
It may cause Hashimoto disease, cancer, infertility, obesity and even type 2 diabetes.
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