Magdalena Kawalec-Segond

Civilization wydanie 28.07.2023 – 4.08.2023
Doctor Dolittle reaches for artificial intelligence
A dictionary is currently being built for speech decoders of crows, elephants, whales…
Interviews wydanie 7.07.2023 – 14.07.2023
Whose face was reconstructed? Who was buried in Frombork?
In the Czartoryski collection there is a coffin with certificates confirming that it is Nicolaus Copernicus.
Civilization wydanie 16.06.2023 – 23.06.2023
Lawyers do not understand legal language
Lawyers rated simplified contracts as better than ones written in legal style.
Civilization wydanie 9.06.2023 – 16.06.2023
How cancel culture in India caught up with Darwin
He divided humanity into distinct races and two genders... What a fool!
Civilization wydanie 2.06.2023 – 9.06.2023
Clothes treasure hunters. Second-hand shops back in fashion
Survey reveals 83% of people under 25 buy second-hand clothes.
Civilization wydanie 26.05.2023 – 2.06.2023
What a koji would think of a robofish?
Live fish became more… lively when joined by a cyborg.
Interviews wydanie 12.05.2023 – 19.05.2023
A story out of the X-Files in Kraków
Was it the Second World War that was responsible for the loss of these documents? Perhaps, but they were neither stolen, nor burned.
Civilization wydanie 7.04.2023 – 14.04.2023
ChatGOD. The "Final Solution" of the human question
We have no chance in confrontation with pure superintelligence
History wydanie 24.03.2023 – 31.03.2023
A calendar older than Mayan
In the tropical zone time counts were shorter than what constitutes our year -- e.g. 260 days.
Interviews wydanie 17.03.2023 – 24.03.2023
Archaeoastronomy is not looking for an ancient UFO
In archaeology, there are so-called black swans - at a given historical moment they should not have occurred, but they did.
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