History wydanie 18.08.2023 – 25.08.2023
Life at „Express” speed
The mysterious creator of communist Poland’ most-read daily died at 36.
History wydanie 4.08.2023 – 11.08.2023
Where did Russia's allies in Africa come from?
From the KGB to the Wagner Group
History wydanie 4.08.2023 – 11.08.2023
Diplomats rebelled against Jaruzelski
In the second week of martial law, news circulated in the Communist Poland that two ambassadors had asked for political asylum in the USA.
History wydanie 28.07.2023 – 4.08.2023
How the oil revolution began with the Poles
Łukasiewicz, Diesel, Arabs and Putin.
History wydanie 28.07.2023 – 4.08.2023
Austria - a state that even the Austrians did not want
Only after 1945 did their longing for Germany leave them. More comfortable than Pangermanism was the position of Hitler's first victim.
History wydanie 14.07.2023 – 21.07.2023
Oppenheimer, the arrogant genius
"Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds” - he used to say. Later remarked that the explosions at Hiroshima and Nagasaki reminded him of these words from the Hindu scripture Bhagavad-Gita.
History wydanie 7.07.2023 – 14.07.2023
Augustów Roundup. Soviets fighting counterrevolution their way
That was a Red Army operation in a supposedly independent state.
History wydanie 30.06.2023 – 7.07.2023
“No” to distortion of the Home Army’s history
A 100-year-old demands an apology and clarification.
History wydanie 30.06.2023 – 7.07.2023
22 million tonnes of rubble. Warsaw after the war
The enthusiasm for reconstruction was not just the propaganda of that time.
History wydanie 23.06.2023 – 30.06.2023
They did not fear God, they were killing priests
Gierek said that he didn’t "give a shit" about the residents of Radom. He instructed provincial secretaries to inform them "how much we hate them -- the more blasphemy you use the better."
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