Interviews wydanie 28.04.2023 – 5.05.2023
Gender reassignment is a mutilation
The problem of transsexualism is in the head, not in the genes and sex organs, says Łukasz Sakowski, a biologist and author of the blog "To Tylko Teoria" ("It's Just a Theory").
Interviews wydanie 21.04.2023 – 28.04.2023
Communist Poland was a motorbike powerhouse
Polish motorbikes were popular in the United States.
Interviews wydanie 14.04.2023 – 21.04.2023
The political 'wild one'
As a politician of Christian democracy, he opposed Sanation. He regarded the May coup as an undemocratic seizure of power.
Interviews wydanie 7.04.2023 – 14.04.2023
Jews and Arabs. This is not a simple story
Igor Janke and Piotr Semka talk about Israel.
Interviews wydanie 7.04.2023 – 14.04.2023
War against Trump compromises American politics
Liberals hate those who, like Trump, come from outside the political system.
Interviews wydanie 7.04.2023 – 14.04.2023
The Passion and the Cross. Jewish Palestine at the time of Jesus
The first apostles preached in the synagogues
Interviews wydanie 31.03.2023 – 7.04.2023
Try a horse steak in Rawa…
Ah, Polish monuments.... The town of Katowice is like Tel Aviv.
Interviews wydanie 31.03.2023 – 7.04.2023
The villages were not ready for Jerzy Nowosielski
He was too Orthodox for Catholics and too Catholic and modern for the Orthodox.
Interviews wydanie 24.03.2023 – 31.03.2023
Behind the scenes of Yalta
The Soviets, of course, had bugged their allies extensively, and it is disputed to what extent the Americans and British knew they had been bugged.
Interviews wydanie 24.03.2023 – 31.03.2023
Agent of Soviet intelligence to have denounced Rev. Blachnicki
Moscow was interested in connections between Ukrainian nationalists with Zionists, Maoists and other “anti-Soviet elements”.
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