Interviews wydanie 2.06.2023 – 9.06.2023
Would Putin manipulate the West?
The Russian state expects gangsters to cooperate, says British historian and political scientist Prof. Mark Galeotti.
Interviews wydanie 19.05.2023 – 26.05.2023
Disturbed memory. What happened to Reduta Ordona?
Tons of garbage, dog and human excrement. And among them there are probably the graves of soldiers from 1831.
Interviews wydanie 19.05.2023 – 26.05.2023
Mercenary who waged a personal war against the Soviets
He wanted to bring Polish war migrants to the Congo.
Interviews wydanie 12.05.2023 – 19.05.2023
A story out of the X-Files in Kraków
Was it the Second World War that was responsible for the loss of these documents? Perhaps, but they were neither stolen, nor burned.
Interviews wydanie 12.05.2023 – 19.05.2023
The Birth of Homo Putinus
In the decade, the regime in Moscow has deliberately introduced language that is very disturbingly similar to the language of Nazi Germany to describe Ukrainians, namely to call Ukrainians sick vermin. There is a word "nelyudi".
Interviews wydanie 5.05.2023 – 12.05.2023
Nazism was less harmful than communism
“What is happening around John Paul II is a revenge of communism for the defeat inflicted upon it by the pope,” says professor Paweł Skibiński, a historian.
Interviews wydanie 28.04.2023 – 5.05.2023
Armenia: we want Moscow to defend us
Wahagn Khachaturian for TVP Weekly
Interviews wydanie 28.04.2023 – 5.05.2023
Gender reassignment is a mutilation
The problem of transsexualism is in the head, not in the genes and sex organs, says Łukasz Sakowski, a biologist and author of the blog "To Tylko Teoria" ("It's Just a Theory").
Interviews wydanie 21.04.2023 – 28.04.2023
Communist Poland was a motorbike powerhouse
Polish motorbikes were popular in the United States.
Interviews wydanie 14.04.2023 – 21.04.2023
The political 'wild one'
As a politician of Christian democracy, he opposed Sanation. He regarded the May coup as an undemocratic seizure of power.
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