History wydanie 22.12.2023 – 29.12.2023
Pomeranian Crime: Whoever is Polish must disappear
Between September and December, 1939, 30,000 people in 400 towns of Pomerania were murdered.
Interviews wydanie 17.11.2023 – 24.11.2023
The real capital of the Third Reich
Adolf Hitler spent 836 days in the Wolf's Lair. Two thousand five hundred people faithfully served him in its 200 reinforced concreto buildings.
History wydanie 1.09.2023 – 8.09.2023
Hitler's High-Stakes Gamble
Following the campaign in Poland, Germany had further military campaigns on its agenda, including one against the Soviet Union.
History wydanie 25.08.2023 – 1.09.2023
How Danes sank their own fleet
It was the end of the benign German occupation.
Interviews wydanie 5.05.2023 – 12.05.2023
Nazism was less harmful than communism
“What is happening around John Paul II is a revenge of communism for the defeat inflicted upon it by the pope,” says professor Paweł Skibiński, a historian.
History wydanie 28.04.2023 – 5.05.2023
Nazi antique shops
How many of the paintings looted during WWII could have passed through reputable auction houses?
History wydanie 21.04.2023 – 28.04.2023
Auschwitz Redemption. The man who escaped from hell
Witold Pilecki spent 947 days in Auschwitz. Then managed to run away.
Columns wydanie 17.03.2023 – 24.03.2023
Pope Pius XI on himself – “I’m a Polish bishop”
He recognized Poland in 1918, prayed with us during the Battle for Warsaw and watched over the plebiscites. Then he became pope.
Civilization wydanie 16.09.2022 – 23.09.2022
Hitler, Stalin and the red thread on Putin's wrist
Exclusive theories, phantoms that are difficult to assess rationally.
History wydanie 8.04.2022 – 15.04.2022
The best excuse for war
Just a few hours after the “outrageous attack” on the radio station in Gleiwitz (today’s Gliwice), the Wehrmacht invaded the territory of Poland from the west, north and south.
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