Hitler, Stalin and the red thread on Putin's wrist. Dictators in the fumes of the occult

Some conspiracy theories are true, although people with limited horizons and standardised minds do not want to believe them. Take the first one, for example, which claims that members of mysterious societies are trying to acquire secret knowledge and supernatural powers in order to rule the world.

How delighted Mr Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels was when, one August day in 1909, a pleasant, yet poor and pale young man came to his Viennese office and ordered several copies of the magazine "Ostara", which he published. Austria's most famous occultist was so moved by the young man's engaging appearance and his eagerness to study ariosophy - the theory of the revival of a lost, but inhabited by Nordic half-humans - half-gods Aryan civilisation - that he not only gave him copies of his periodical, in which he expounded the need to get rid of the inferior races and protect the superior, European one, but also gave him a few crowns. In his memoirs from 1951, he wrote that this charming young man was none other than Adolf Hitler - later to become the leader of the master race and the Thousand Year Reich.

Yagoda did not make it

In the same year, 1909, when Hitler was undertaking his studies on his divine origins, behind the mountains behind the forests, at the other end of the continent, i.e. in Russia, the Order of the Martyrs, which was the direct heir to the Order of the Knights of the Masons of Elus - Coêns of the Universe, was joined by Gleb Bokiy, who years later became the head of the Bolshevik political police of the GPU - the successor to the notorious crimes of the Cheka. Members of the Order, as well as the One Workers' Brotherhood organisation, believed that somewhere in the world - most likely in Tibet and the Himalayas - there was a subterranean realm populated by superhuman, holy and immortal Arians who secretly ruled the entire world. Ferdinand Ossendowski wrote about this in his book "Through the Land of Gods, Men and Animals".

The man who introduced Bokiy to the Order was Alexander Barchenko, head of the Brotherhood. Among other members of the organisation was the later NKVD chief Genrikh Yagoda. 15 years later, the Brotherhood was taken over by the GPU to deal with the use of paranormal phenomena for intelligence work. Barchenko and his men taught occult techniques to Bolshevik agents and worked on telepathically transmitting orders and recruiting agents and reading the thoughts of the enemies of communism.

In 1937, Yagoda was preparing an NKVD expedition to Tibet to search for the immortal divine Arians. Well, he didn't manage to make the expedition because Stalin ordered the murder of most of his government and the NKVD top brass, along with Comrade Yagoda, of course. What Yagoda and his men failed to do, because they were murdered, the German Ahnenerbe organisation did a year later on Himmler's orders. Led under the leadership of SS member Ernst Schäfer, the Tibetan expedition was to find evidence that the German Nazis, not the Russian Communists, were the descendants of the semi-divine Arians, or Aryans.

The similarities between Nazism and Bolshevik communism are obvious and completely understandable, after all, both of these criminal ideologies grow out of a common left-wing stem and have at their core, among other things, Marx's theories, including those about nations being racial wastes and should be exterminated. Of course, there were differences between these totalitarianisms, as, after all, it runs in the family, for Nazism was national socialism and Bolshevism internationalist.

Hitler also saw that the Bolsheviks were failing economically, and came to the practical conclusion that instead of stealing entire factories, it was better to rob what they produced, and leave the owners who were able to manage the business, but completely subordinate the companies to the party and the state, so that on orders they produced once cannons and once butter, bombers, or the 'people's' car - the Volkswagen.

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The similarities between Nazism and Bolshevism are obvious at first sight (it should be noted separately that, in order to conceal the direct association of Nazism with socialism, the Soviets promoted fascism as the main criminal ideology). Few people know, however, that the bloody Soviet regime, like the German Nazi regime, was born in the vapours of magic, occultism, esotericism, amidst a worldwide search for the lost races of demigods.
From left: Commissar of State Security 1st rank, Gleb Bokij, writer Maxim Gorky and Commissar of State Security 3rd rank Matvii Pogrebinski on the steamship 'Gleb Bokij'. Photo: WiCzłom
The most faithful heirs of these terrible regimes, the Russian criminals, or Russkies as they are called by the Ukrainians, still believe in secret powers, seek them and try to possess them, all of course in order to rule the world, or at least large swathes of it. Russki mir is not a conspiracy theory, just as German National Socialism or Soviet Bolshevism was not.

Marx was already indulging in secret practices, writing poems which, according to some researchers, indicate that he may even have been a devil worshipper. What is known for sure is that he did not wash at all and smelled foul, was a man from hell who let three of his children die of malnutrition, abused his own wife and finished her off with diseases brought in from London brothels. His two daughters committed suicide. Did his alcoholism, sadism, follies, inanities affect the theories he put forward, the works he wrote? Undoubtedly.

Among 19th-century socialists and anarchists, there was no shortage of Satan-worshippers, who were supposed to be the first revolutionaries and role models. Marx's friend, the famous Russian anarchist Mikhail Bakunin wrote thus: "The devil is the first free thinker and saviour of the world. He freed Adam, imprinted on his forehead the victory and freedom of mankind by making him disobedient'.

Fascination with satanism, esotericism and secret powers was passed on to successive generations of revolutionaries and criminals. The first Bolshevik People's Commissar for Education, Anatoly Lunacharsky, saw Satan as the deity of the Religion of the Human Species.

Joseph Stalin signed his first works with the pseudonyms Demonoshvili and Biesoshvili. Once he was on the Bolshevik throne in the Kremlin, he eagerly received and listened to the advice of a Polish-born clairvoyant of Jewish origin, the hypnotist Srul (later Wolf)Messing, born in Gora Kalwaria. Stalin was also said to have met with the famous Moscow Matron - Matron Nikonova, later a saint of the Russian Orthodox Church. She foretold the tyrant's future.

Germany, Russia, India

Similarly, behind the mountains, behind the forests on the other side of the continent, i.e. in Germany, magicians, fortune-tellers, occultists and astrologers surrounded the leaders of the Third Reich, Hitler and Himmler. Eric Kurlander in his book 'Hitler's Demons. The Esoteric Roots of the Third Reich' writes that Hitler's final decision to invade Poland was said to have been made after he saw "an omen illuminating him and his friends" in the northern sky.

The fascination of the Nazi or Bolshevik primates was not just their personal affair, but influenced how they exercised their tyrannies, how they harnessed the machinery of the state to realise their mad visions. And in both cases, one of the driving forces was often mutually exclusive theories, phantoms that are difficult even to systematise or subject to any rational evaluation.

The Nazis had their Aryan demigods, who fought an eternal battle against the forces of evil - racially degenerate Slavic and Jewish vampires who were born in Bohemia. So there was a return to pre-Christian roots and a recreation of the world of the Norse gods. Added to this was a fascination with India and Hindu civilisation, which had, in the words of Sanskrit scholar Leopold von Schroeder, "ideas of Aryan culture and spirituality". The German Nazis were thus 'becoming' Indo-German and the swastika, which had mystical powers, became their sign.

These same people also searched for the Holy Grail and the 'Spear of Longinus', which was supposed to have pierced the side of the crucified Jesus on Golgotha, or the Ark of the Covenant. Expeditions crossed Tibet, Africa, France, Spain.

Not only relics were sought. On Himmler's orders in Bohemia, 13,000 occult books looted throughout Europe were hidden in the warehouses of the National Library. Half of the book collection had previously been owned by the Norwegian Order of Freemasons.

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The same tangle of myths and fascinations was also shared by the Bolsheviks. Many occultists took the revolution, the civil war and the victory of the communists as a fulfilling prophecy of the final battle between the forces of light, and the powers of darkness. One of the obsessions of the Soviet magicians, like those of the Nazis, was the desire to overcome mortality and create a new race of superhumans. The Russians are possessed by it even today.

Immortal Russian

One of the Kremlin's ideologues, a 'mystic' and son of a GRU military intelligence officer, Aleksandr Dugin, father of Daria, who was recently killed in an assassination attempt, believes that Bolshevism was influenced from the very beginning by ancient Egyptian beliefs about the resurrection and the need to preserve and transform bodies to new life. This is why Lenin's embalmed body is deposited in Red Square in a mausoleum built on the plan of the Egyptian pyramids. Separately, his preserved brain is stored.

The leader of the Bolshevik revolution, like the Egyptian pharaohs, is waiting to come back to life. If only in cloned form, as even the head of the mausoleum said in 1997.

The same was also to be granted to the class-right working people in the future. Suitably transformed, the proletarian was to destroy the gods and become one himself as the cosmic man, Antropos, who, as the poet Velimir Khlebnikov wrote, was to be 'the sum of Beast and Number'. In mass culture, this cosmic man was also revealed as an ss-man from secret Nazi bases on the moon.

On Mars, on the other hand, communism was to be so developed that even individuals do not exist, or at least have neither sex nor age. This is how the politician, writer, philosopher, alchemist and great friend of Lenin, Aleksandr Bogdanov, or rather Aleksander Malinowski, born in 1873 in what is now Poland's Sokolka, described it in his novel "Red Star".

The 1970s saw the birth of yuvenology in the Soviet Union - the science of organismal rejuvenation. Its practical task was also to keep the Kremlin's demented elderly alive. Soviet botanist Vasily Kuprievich wrote: "Nature, which invented death, must also suggest to us ways to combat it". Today, Russian juvenologists are busy digging into genes.

One variant of the belief in an immortal Russian was cosmism - a theory about man's special relationship with the universe. In these beliefs, the cosmos was a rational all-encompassing being or reality. In this mélange of myths and fables, there was also room for Panslavism and the theory of the Russian soul.

Scientists are still conducting research today based on the hallucinations of Dmitri Andreyev, who died in 1959. During his 12 years in prison, he had frequent visions about the nature of this world. Well, it is ruled by uitroar monstrosities that fight each other for power over it through self-created and mind-controlled peoples. Russian researchers are concerned not with the analysis of the texts written in his book "The Rise of the World", but with the veracity of his theories.

They penetrated Albright's brain

The company around Dugina, who was killed in the assassination attempt, is/was fascinated by them, such as the late influential writer and philosopher Konstantin Krylov, who preached that Jews have a special plug in their brain that connects them to the demon Labaldot. This gives them political and economic power, but they pay for it with their suffering, because the relationship with the demon is built on love and hate One could only scoff at these reams of madness if it were not for the fact that they are wallowing in not only the people who hold the government of souls, but also the real power in the criminal regime.

Here, for example, was an interview with General Boris Ratnikov about the work of FSB units dealing with magic and paranormal phenomena published in the government-owned "Russian Gazeta" in 2006. Ratnikov proclaimed that there was a team of mind-reading agents in the FSB who infiltrate the thoughts of Western politicians and collect evidence of their Russophobia.
Members of the SS Tibetan expedition Ernst Krause, Bruno Beger, Ernst Schäfer, Edmund Geer and Karl Wiener on their return to Germany at Berlin-Tempelhof airport in August1939. Photo: ullstein bild/ullstein bild via Getty Images)
On the eve of the Kosovo war, he said, they had penetrated the brain of then US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and caught up with her intransigent hatred of Slavs and desire to destroy Serbs.

In 2019, the "Army Magazine" published an article about the continued work of the Nazi Ahnenerbe, the same organisation that led the expedition in Tibet, but also research into creating a superhuman super-soldier who would win future wars, read minds and control machines with the power of the mind. "The psychic possibilities of man are unlimited," wrote Army Magazine. "With an impulse from the brain, one can hack computers, telecommunication lines, destroy microprocessors. In a successful experiment, a telepath remotely read the contents of a document written in a language he did not even know."

Kremlin circles also have their alchemists, such as Viktor Petrik, who has found a way to turn any polluted, even radioactively contaminated water into crystal clear ones with the help of a 'Shoygu' filter he has constructed (named after Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoygu).

The journalist Mikhail Zygar, in his book "All the Kremlin's Men", writes that the generals under Yeltsin made plans for war with Chechnya with the help of horoscopes and wanted to conduct foreign policy through mind control. The military was inspired precisely by Andreyev's book "The Rise of the World".

Putin's sacrificial eagle

In the 1980s and 1990s in the Soviets and Russia, but also in Poland, a certain Anatoly Kashpirovsky was extremely popular, who, through the television screen, "had" the power to heal and change ordinary water into a miracle cure. His séances attracted millions of people in front of their television sets. And it is hardly even surprising to the Soviet man, and now the Russian man, if even he - the very leader of the criminal country Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin - finds himself in the fumes of belief and madness. Just as Hitler looked to the sky for signs, just as Stalin attended the séances of Srul Messing and Matron Nikonova, so too Putin on 13 February, i.e. nine days before the attack on Ukraine at his residence Bocharovy Ruchai, sought answers in divination. A sacrificial eagle reportedly went under the knife at the time. Vladimir Putin learned that he would win and become the world's greatest leader, so he unleashed his hordes of orcs and invaded Ukraine.

A companion to the magical rituals and grotesques is Putin's favourite, the inept and corrupt Defence Minister Sergei Shoygu. He may even owe his great career to the fact that he drew Putin's former Kagiebist into the world of shamanistic magic and rituals.

Alexander Navalny, among others, spoke about the Kremlin tyrant's belief in witchcraft and the occult in an interview with the "New York Times". "Putin is obsessed with the occult and walks around with a red thread on his wrist. One day it will turn out that the Russian president makes decisions on the advice of an old man from the forest or some pokemon", the politician recounted.

The red thread is supposed to protect Putin from the influence of bad energy and the evil eye. Supposedly, the Russian president is a rational calculating man. Perhaps, rational like Hitler or Stalin. Either way, he failed to ensure that his soldiers would not run out of red thread and that is why they are now suffering defeats in Ukraine. Or perhaps the supply of thread from Germany and France was stolen by the generals.

– Dariusz Matuszak
-Translated by Tomasz Krzyżanowski

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