Marta Kawczyńska

Interviews wydanie 9.06.2023 – 16.06.2023
The magical power that brings people together
Movements of the human body fill & fit into an icosahedron.
Interviews wydanie 24.03.2023 – 31.03.2023
Why do we need mosquitoes, fleas and ticks
Let the insects eat us after we die, the ethologist appeals.
Interviews wydanie 2.12.2022 – 9.12.2022
Scarlet was our export product
Reds, blues, blacks or snow white were expensive and difficult to produce. Only those who could afford them, wore them.
Interviews wydanie 2.09.2022 – 9.09.2022
Why are scientists trying to resurrect the Tasmanian Wolf?
Predators are necessary in all kinds of environment, says biology professor Tomasz Sulej
Interviews wydanie 26.08.2022 – 2.09.2022
Beverage worthy of a king. Brewed in Poland since 1662
Coffee has caffeine, tea – theine, and yerba mate – mateine. This is the same substance.
Interviews wydanie 22.07.2022 – 29.07.2022
There is God, man, concentration, and prayer
Jantek Gall elaborated a prayer book for a time of pestilence, another one will be released shortly – for a time of famine.
Interviews wydanie 1.07.2022 – 8.07.2022
Russian Army: too many clumsy fingers
The war is the same as a century ago.
Interviews wydanie 20.05.2022 – 27.05.2022
Packaging in the communist Poland
Corks were popping out of bottles, fish cans were greasy. But the world marvelled at our record covers, boxes of chocolates, labels....
Interviews wydanie 13.05.2022 – 20.05.2022
100,000 of them arrive here. Even half a million might fly away.
They are masters at utilizing energy, but also masters of fasting. They can go without food for as long as four weeks.