Wojciech Stanisławski

History wydanie 27.10.2023 – 3.11.2023
On a seal trail
One hundred and thirty years ago, they sailed in a sealskin umbrella stretched on the remains of a fishing rod over the black waters of the Arctic Ocean...
Culture wydanie 21.07.2023 – 28.07.2023
Paul Barley’s simple path
On July 17, 2023, Lech Jęczmyk died. He was a translator whose work translated not just books but the world as a whole.
History wydanie 9.06.2023 – 16.06.2023
Augustów Canal: beautiful and useless
Bypassing Prussia from the north was a maneuver worthy of Hannibal -- the difference being that two centuries ago they used boats and rafts, not elephants
Civilization wydanie 9.06.2023 – 16.06.2023
Russians against Russia
Fratricidal fights are among the most horrible in the history of wars
Culture wydanie 19.05.2023 – 26.05.2023
The Lord of Bees
Urban VIII left the Vatican coffers empty, but Rome prospered.
History wydanie 17.03.2023 – 24.03.2023
The Khatyn lie
80 years ago, a village burned down whose ashes the Soviets used to erase the truth about Katyn.
Columns wydanie 3.03.2023 – 10.03.2023
What are Dilbert’s limits?
It is better to hide some copies of Winnie the Pooh in the safe!
Culture wydanie 17.02.2023 – 24.02.2023
The case of Magdalena Abakanowicz
Despite her worldwide career, she faced a defeat. Now she is back.
Civilization wydanie 17.02.2023 – 24.02.2023
What happened to the androgynous Barbie?
It wasn't until 2001 that the doll got a navel, and only in 2019 -- a gender-neutral puppet person.
History wydanie 6.01.2023 – 13.01.2023
Free State west of Lithuania?
The French, Germans and Poles were involved in the territorial altercation.
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