Columns wydanie 15.09.2023 – 22.09.2023
Will there be weather for geniuses?
Young teachers, themselves after overseas scholarships and grants, need to encourage young people to take on challenges.
Columns wydanie 8.09.2023 – 15.09.2023
Polish Machiavelli?
He wrote a memorial in which he accused tsarism of having... too much freedom in the Russian Partition.
Columns wydanie 8.09.2023 – 15.09.2023
An edible city, or out of context future
How much of the garden space do we allot to people and how much to pollinators?
Columns wydanie 8.09.2023 – 15.09.2023
Women "not ours" are anti-female
The Women's Congress is 15 years old. Whose rights is it fighting for?
Columns wydanie 1.09.2023 – 8.09.2023
The Paupers' capitalism
"I'm announcing a whip-round for me. I also accept credit cards, BLIK payments and bank transfers".
Columns wydanie 1.09.2023 – 8.09.2023
Has the Pope betrayed progressives in favour of Putin?
Today they act as if they never admired Francis.
Columns wydanie 25.08.2023 – 1.09.2023
Denaturant backup or the things we do “just in case”
Everyone was waiting for the third world war, but mom couldn’t leave the house and we were left without supplies…
Columns wydanie 25.08.2023 – 1.09.2023
City of rats
In Polish conurbations, there are three rats per inhabitant.
Columns wydanie 25.08.2023 – 1.09.2023
Hunting season for popularity
The desire to be known and admired has taken over the global population.
Columns wydanie 18.08.2023 – 25.08.2023
And I'm waiting for a nuclear power plant
The residents have their vital interests and that is why they are protesting.
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