Civilization wydanie 24.11.2023 – 1.12.2023
The horror of the Left and the last hope of the Argentineans
The first libertarian President in the world.
Civilization wydanie 3.11.2023 – 10.11.2023
The spectre of federalism looms over Europe
Once the EU treaties are amended, it will be easy to tighten the financial noose around the necks of the recalcitrant.
Civilization wydanie 27.10.2023 – 3.11.2023
End of sovereign states. EU conquers Europe
Will the European Union transform into what some call a “superpower”?
Civilization wydanie 25.08.2023 – 1.09.2023
The termination of "Putin's cook"
The aircraft disaster of August 23 strengthens the Russian dictator.
Interviews wydanie 4.08.2023 – 11.08.2023
German historian: The reparations issue is still open
Given that we face the arrogance of Germany’s political elite, joint action is necessary, says Dr Karl Heinz Roth, a German historian and physician.
History wydanie 4.08.2023 – 11.08.2023
Diplomats rebelled against Jaruzelski
In the second week of martial law, news circulated in the Communist Poland that two ambassadors had asked for political asylum in the USA.
Civilization wydanie 21.07.2023 – 28.07.2023
Putin, war, empire… What do Russians really think?
Almost everyone is afraid of the consequences of using nukes.
Civilization wydanie 14.07.2023 – 21.07.2023
Nine Lifelong Pontiffs of the USA
Conservatives finally have the majority in the Supreme Court. And they’re using it.
Civilization wydanie 14.07.2023 – 21.07.2023
Is there a counter-revolution brewing in Spain?
Is the midsummer election the latest rogue ploy by the left-wing Prime Minister?
Civilization wydanie 7.07.2023 – 14.07.2023
Is the rainbow diplomacy a new colonialism?
Many U.S. politicians and commentators criticise diplomacy's involvement in the LGBTQ agenda.
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