Grzegorz Sieczkowski

Civilization wydanie 3.11.2023 – 10.11.2023
We won't have cows adjusting our watches!
Front of the fight for changing the time change.
History wydanie 13.10.2023 – 20.10.2023
The Wembley generation
Poles forced to live in “Real Socialism” were hungry for real victory and national success.
Civilization wydanie 13.10.2023 – 20.10.2023
It's a sensation. It was as if Germany had been eliminated from the qualifying rounds of the FIFA World Cup.
Columns wydanie 29.09.2023 – 6.10.2023
What is better: a crimplene suit or a tattoo?
Dilemmas at a garbage dump
Columns wydanie 1.09.2023 – 8.09.2023
The Paupers' capitalism
"I'm announcing a whip-round for me. I also accept credit cards, BLIK payments and bank transfers".
Columns wydanie 25.08.2023 – 1.09.2023
Denaturant backup or the things we do “just in case”
Everyone was waiting for the third world war, but mom couldn’t leave the house and we were left without supplies…
Columns wydanie 18.08.2023 – 25.08.2023
Capitalism smells definitely better than communist Poland
The smell of smoke and “Masumi” perfume was omnipresent. Desired was… the scent of novelty.
Culture wydanie 28.07.2023 – 4.08.2023
War in the East. The way Americans imagined it
The Russian president informs his American counterpart that the “nuclear attack on Ukraine was a mistake that won’t be repeated”.
Civilization wydanie 19.05.2023 – 26.05.2023
Peasant workers are still the people of the future
The majority of Poles had to “figure things out” to make a living, and it remains the case. These are the desired “flexible workers.”
History wydanie 12.05.2023 – 19.05.2023
They were shot at, they were tortured
Beating up a young man "to make an example" was not uncommon. As well as killing.