Columns wydanie 17.11.2023 – 24.11.2023
This is not a scene from „Fauda”, this is real life
When Hamas attacked Israel, friends from the film plan moved on to the tasks of the war.
Civilization wydanie 10.11.2023 – 17.11.2023
Jewish enemies of Israel
A short list of left-wing "self hating Jews".
Civilization wydanie 3.11.2023 – 10.11.2023
How the French Left came to love Islamists
In the heart of Paris, the crowd is chanting the same cry as the Muslim terrorists.
Civilization wydanie 13.10.2023 – 20.10.2023
War of narratives. How Israel and Palestine endeavour to impose...
Even a cookbook can be a weapon.
Interviews wydanie 6.10.2023 – 13.10.2023
Christians have been living in the Eastern Mediterranean since...
If you read the Acts of the Apostles, there are many groups, ethnicities, not only Jews but also Arabs, who lived on the shores of the Mediterranean.
Interviews wydanie 7.04.2023 – 14.04.2023
Jews and Arabs. This is not a simple story
Igor Janke and Piotr Semka talk about Israel.