Culture wydanie 22.12.2023 – 29.12.2023
„I gave my most important recitals in insurgent Warsaw”
He sang to the accompaniment of bombs and said he wouldn’t change them for the world's most prestigious scenes.
Columns wydanie 18.08.2023 – 25.08.2023
An audio postcard from my holidays. From relax to suffering
When ordering drink, you have to withstand the din.
Culture wydanie 21.07.2023 – 28.07.2023
How has Satan made his mark on world history?
Mick Jagger, frontman of The Rolling Stones turns 80 on 26 July.
Culture wydanie 26.05.2023 – 2.06.2023
Everyone wants to slay the dragon. Knights in Warsaw
Defender of the Righteous Cause’s life model still attractive, even if only in the virtual world.
Culture wydanie 17.03.2023 – 24.03.2023
Shamelessly conservative Dylan
The genre scenes he draws in pencil could have been pictured a hundred years ago.
Culture wydanie 25.11.2022 – 2.12.2022
The Pugacheva effect
The celebrity knew how to live well with all the decision-makers.
Culture wydanie 18.11.2022 – 25.11.2022
Jerzy Połomski, architect of song
He could not compose, he did not intend to write song lyrics.
Interviews wydanie 14.10.2022 – 21.10.2022
The strength of a country woman
A woman, brought up with love for her patrimony, which rests at the bottom of the reservoir on the Dunajec River.
Culture wydanie 7.10.2022 – 14.10.2022
The legend of Henryk Wieniawski
He was the favorite of the rulers. They endowed him with medals and outstanding salaries, but these disappeared because he tended to gamble.
Culture wydanie 12.08.2022 – 19.08.2022
Death of a superhero, or Elvis Presley eternally dead
He dies in extreme solitude. But nobody likes it when a superhero dies.
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