Civilization wydanie 28.10.2022 – 4.11.2022
The next generations of Draculas
Models, actors and singers make themselves look as vampires.
Civilization wydanie 27.05.2022 – 3.06.2022
The posthumous life of the invaders
Teachers reminisce about the greatness and helpfulness of late pupils.
Civilization wydanie 27.05.2022 – 3.06.2022
The stars of Kremlin propaganda. Kings of lies and hate
They are paid millions for mockery and disinformation.
Culture wydanie 27.05.2022 – 3.06.2022
There are some who even cover their genitals with tattoos
This signal is supposed to spark the imagination and desire of birds of a feather, though typically not of the same sex.
Culture wydanie 13.05.2022 – 20.05.2022
Tamara de Lempicka: the journey of the bird of paradise
The artist was too defiantly bourgeois to attract the attention of cultural decision-makers in Poland’s People's Republic.
Civilization wydanie 15.04.2022 – 22.04.2022
Brothers-in-arms. They serve like soldiers
Cats have a voice too. "I've just finished another Russian invader," reveals a licking tomcat.
Civilization wydanie 1.04.2022 – 8.04.2022
What hurts the Russians the most?
Sanctions will hit the young city hedonists or yuppies the hardest.
Interviews wydanie 1.04.2022 – 8.04.2022
Trzcinica developed at the same time as Troy and Mycenae
As early as the Bronze Age, the inhabitants maintained trade contacts with areas bordering the Mediterranean.
Civilization wydanie 11.03.2022 – 18.03.2022
A golden opportunity of “golden visas”
The British authorities welcomed rich Russians with open arms, and even more so their money.