ISSUE NO. 45 - January, 4th

At a secret meeting, a color was chosen to reflect the "spirit of the age".

The multinational Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria celebrates its 250th birthday. Christians finance their own movie about Jesus. The Slovaks were demanding autonomy, and the Czechs didn’t want to give it to them. Ukrainians have rejected the “Russkiy Mir” but it doesn’t mean they are longing for social engineers who would treat them to political correctness. His great-grandfather described the Piłsudski, Wańkowicz and Moniuszko families. He was very frank in his opinions. A masterpiece? "He laughs who has teeth" by Zyta Rudzka. At the Home Theatre, Emilian Kaminski presented " Jaruzelski's smear". The audience reeled with laughter.

More in the 45th issue of TVP Weekly.