Robert Bogdański

Civilization wydanie 13.01.2023 – 20.01.2023
Battle for Taiwan. US losses: 10,000 casualties, two aircraft...
China has a chance to win.
Civilization wydanie 23.12.2022 – 30.12.2022
Please don't giggle. A feminist foreign policy is coming
After the war, the government will decide who is 'civil society' in Ukraine. And it will not be the government in Kiev.
Columns wydanie 25.11.2022 – 2.12.2022
Justified and unjustified reparations right
What is climate justice?
Civilization wydanie 7.10.2022 – 14.10.2022
Will Putin use nuclear weapons?
In 2013, the Russians announced that they would exercise a nuclear attack on Warsaw.
Columns wydanie 22.07.2022 – 29.07.2022
Evading information
Do we want to commune with horrific images of bent train carriages and bleeding bodies or animals deprived of any chance of survival?
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