Łukasz Lubański

Civilization wydanie 17.11.2023 – 24.11.2023
Germans helpless against immigrants
The problem had been mounting for years, but it was a taboo topic for the media and the political class.
Interviews wydanie 18.08.2023 – 25.08.2023
It weren't the ‘Nazis’ that the Home Army fought
Adam Borowski: We decided to bring the actual perpetrators of the crime back to justice.
Culture wydanie 4.08.2023 – 11.08.2023
He was able to 'put a twist on words'
"The greatest talent of Polish literary and film criticism", Wacław Holewiński wrote about him.
Interviews wydanie 3.03.2023 – 10.03.2023
The rise and fall of a Russian political technologist
An intellectual and professional cynic. Putin's former spin doctor Gleb Pavlovsky has died.
Culture wydanie 10.02.2023 – 17.02.2023
Zombies are among us
More than 600 films have been made about them since the 1920s.
Civilization wydanie 9.12.2022 – 16.12.2022
It’s the season to be jolly!
A Christmas crib made of radishes, eating KFC chicken under the tinsels, sweating in a sauna, and decorating sailboats, are all “quirky” – at least for us – traditions from around the world.
Interviews wydanie 2.12.2022 – 9.12.2022
How to Wake a Sick Person Up from a Coma?
The challenge, currently insurmountable, is to create methods for brain regeneration.
Civilization wydanie 4.11.2022 – 11.11.2022
Will Latin survive?
Soon we may have to rely on the Germans to translate Polish historical documents.
Civilization wydanie 2.09.2022 – 9.09.2022
A pillar of democracy in the region
In the region, this is the only highly developed country where the percentage of believers is increasing.
History wydanie 19.08.2022 – 26.08.2022
Stealth killing is not enough
In 1920 they shot at British spies, in the second half of the 20th century they made bombings in which civilians were killed.
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