Karol Wasilewski

Civilization wydanie 15.09.2023 – 22.09.2023
Land in oligarchs’ hands
Kyiv is fighting hard for the EU market.
Culture wydanie 18.08.2023 – 25.08.2023
Film that exposes Putin’s rubbish. “Vilnius 1939”
It was on these streets that soldiers defended the city against the Soviet aggression from 84 years ago.
Interviews wydanie 30.06.2023 – 7.07.2023
Crimea belongs to Ukraine – declares Azerbaijani politician
The situation where the president’s son becomes the head of state is not unique in the democratic world. For example: the Bush family – he adds.
Interviews wydanie 28.04.2023 – 5.05.2023
Armenia: we want Moscow to defend us
Wahagn Khachaturian for TVP Weekly
Civilization wydanie 24.02.2023 – 3.03.2023
He wants to sue the prison
Pathologies in Polish prisons
Civilization wydanie 17.02.2023 – 24.02.2023
Falsely accused, raped in prison by Chechen, acquitted
The prosecutor who put him in custody is today fighting to prevent him from receiving a large compensation payment.
Interviews wydanie 3.02.2023 – 10.02.2023
Weeding Through the Red Tape
Most hemp products are CBD powder from China mixed with cheap oil.
Civilization wydanie 25.11.2022 – 2.12.2022
Poland is willing to give visas and jobs to foreigners
Last year alone, we welcomed half a million economic migrants.
Civilization wydanie 12.08.2022 – 19.08.2022
Poles have fallen in love with the countryside
Last year alone, as many as 50,000 Poles decided to move out of big cities.
Interviews wydanie 15.07.2022 – 22.07.2022
I know I did wrong.... Wlodarczyk's confession
The boxer talks about "doing time", family, women and plans for the future.
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