Columns wydanie 17.11.2023 – 24.11.2023
This is not a scene from „Fauda”, this is real life
When Hamas attacked Israel, friends from the film plan moved on to the tasks of the war.
Civilization wydanie 3.11.2023 – 10.11.2023
How the French Left came to love Islamists
In the heart of Paris, the crowd is chanting the same cry as the Muslim terrorists.
Civilization wydanie 27.10.2023 – 3.11.2023
Islamic murder in the heart of Europe
Tunisian terrorist, European globetrotter.
Civilization wydanie 13.10.2023 – 20.10.2023
War of narratives. How Israel and Palestine endeavour to impose...
Even a cookbook can be a weapon.
History wydanie 21.04.2023 – 28.04.2023
Terrorists under French protection
The Red Terror veterans are respected in France and are considered 'political refugees'.
Civilization wydanie 14.04.2023 – 21.04.2023
Northern Ireland: On the crossroads of war and peace
Catholics and Protestants keep away from each other – they have separate schools and separate final resting places.
Civilization wydanie 24.02.2023 – 3.03.2023
War against the Church, alliance with Putin
He forced the Polish-born papal nuncio into emigration.
History wydanie 19.08.2022 – 26.08.2022
Stealth killing is not enough
In 1920 they shot at British spies, in the second half of the 20th century they made bombings in which civilians were killed.
Civilization wydanie 1.04.2022 – 8.04.2022
The French election campaign with murder in the background
The entire Macrnistic is acting like a panicked player.