ISSUE NO. 26 - AUGUST 24TH, 2022

Apart from the Gospel, the most frequently cited book of Holy Scripture is the Apocalypse of Saint John

After the collapse of communism, in the 1990s, Francis Fukuyama’s theory about the end of history was fashionable. The school year hasn’t even started and there is already controversy surrounding a new subject. Wojciech Roszkowski has become a subject of online hate as a conservative, seen as unable to keep up with the liberal times. This summer, French police entered several wine depots in the Bordeaux region. For some, he was a legend, a great patriot who devoted his entire life to fighting for the independence of his country. Others see him as a cruel partisan, a planner of bloody ambushes. Instead of sitting by a pint of beer they move down a sandy road in heat. Zelenskyy’s conduct didn’t arouse so much admiration in Ukraine as it did in the West.

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