Monika Małkowska

Culture wydanie 8.12.2023 – 15.12.2023
Infuriated by horizontal wall pattern
Had the walls of Zachęta been empty, it would have been much better for this project.
History wydanie 15.09.2023 – 22.09.2023
Women in power
Do contemporary ladies competing for the highest state offices have to try to create a smilar impression as the Virgin Queen?
Culture wydanie 8.09.2023 – 15.09.2023
Political dimension of talent
Leni Riefenstahl was found to have merely “sympathized” with the Nazis, her cases were allowed to fall under the statute of limitations. She died in 2003, aged 101.
Culture wydanie 1.09.2023 – 8.09.2023
Samurai sword of mass culture
The director, on being removed from the production of a film, attempted suicide by slitting his wrists 36 times.
Columns wydanie 28.07.2023 – 4.08.2023
In the kingdom of hate
The poor of this world are pressurised by a quasi-elite driven by the desire to exploit the naive.
Culture wydanie 21.07.2023 – 28.07.2023
Jane Birkin. Please don't put her in a bag
She began the era of singers pretending to have sex in front of the microphone.
Culture wydanie 14.07.2023 – 21.07.2023
„I’m not ill, I’m broken”, Frida would say of herself
She dreamt of having child, she had a miscarriage. She was the first women to paint this taboo subject. And when – in 1932!
Columns wydanie 16.06.2023 – 23.06.2023
Artificial Intelligence not to beat everyone
One can endlessly list what’s impossible for AI.
Columns wydanie 2.06.2023 – 9.06.2023
At an inhuman pace
We race not only against others, above all against ourselves.
History wydanie 26.05.2023 – 2.06.2023
Martial law on the back
It was a time of knitting and purling. Something that was suitable for stitching was transformed into an original outfit.
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