Maria Radzik

History wydanie 13.01.2023 – 20.01.2023
Ménage à trois mystery: don't flirt with your buddy's wife
An indiscreet love affair leads to death. And a lot of mystery.
Civilization wydanie 4.11.2022 – 11.11.2022
She collected 28 children on the farm. She told them that she...
Was WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange the 'child' of Anne, the guru of the 'Family' sect?
Civilization wydanie 17.06.2022 – 24.06.2022
Missing in childhood. Found after 40 years
Her parents were murdered and she went missing as a baby.  
Civilization wydanie 10.06.2022 – 17.06.2022
Colonia Dignidad, aka hell on earth in Chile
A boy wrote a dramatic letter to his mother: "Get me out of here, he raped me".
Civilization wydanie 27.05.2022 – 3.06.2022
Life after life, or a decade of being held captive by a rapist
On May 6, 2013, Cleveland witnesses a miracle: Amanda, who has been missing for years, tells the police that she has been kidnapped but is alive.
Civilization wydanie 20.05.2022 – 27.05.2022
The woman without a face. She didn’t want to be identified...
Was she a spy? Or did she belong to a gang and was a State witness?
Civilization wydanie 8.04.2022 – 15.04.2022
Was she a victim of a serial killer?
The woman’s body was found not by the police, but by her brother. After nearly 30 years of his own investigation.