Łukasz Adamski

Culture wydanie 31.03.2023 – 7.04.2023
Ascension of the Whale. Aronofsky's Bizarre God
Charlie and compulsive binge eating.
Culture wydanie 17.02.2023 – 24.02.2023
How do the Jews „sell” their narrative to the world
“Fauda”, “Spy” and “Messiah” – that’s an effective promotion of national interests. Poles should learn how to do it at home.
Culture wydanie 16.12.2022 – 23.12.2022
Cinematic Grandmasters 2022: Skolimowski, Spielberg and others
The best films of the passing year. Once again only in TVP Weekly.
Culture wydanie 1.04.2022 – 8.04.2022
Hollywood, the Oscars, Sean Penn and war
He supported Castro and Chaves. Today, he stands firmly for Ukraine.