ISSUE NO. 71 - JULY, 5th

This is Harrison Ford's last crusade

Both he as well as Prigozhin are already "people of yesterday". A prominent Azerbaijani politician declares: the situation where the president’s son becomes the head of state is not unique in the democratic world. Why didn't the archaeologist go to Wawel Hill? Had it not been for this aversion to the architecture of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, many streets and places in Warsaw might have looked different. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the new-old Prime Minister, solemnly promised on the threshold of his previous term that he would not entrust government posts to any of his relatives. Captain Zbigniew Radłowski was well prepared for a long fight when, at the age of 89, he began a legal battle for the good name of himself and his Home Army fellow soldiers. And what if we create such an ocean ourselves?

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