Culture wydanie 1.04.2022 – 8.04.2022
Hollywood, the Oscars, Sean Penn and war
He supported Castro and Chaves. Today, he stands firmly for Ukraine.
Culture wydanie 1.04.2022 – 8.04.2022
Why aren’t global stars organizing Live Aid for Ukraine?
Madonna compared Putin to Hitler, but Rage Against the Machine is silent. And Roger Waters is watering down his position…
Culture wydanie 18.03.2022 – 25.03.2022
Star parade. Who supports Putin, who supports Ukraine?
They justify the war, remain silent out of fear or flee Russia. How do celebrities act?
Culture wydanie 11.03.2022 – 18.03.2022
'The Godfather'. Cinematic hot dog or play about family values?
Coppola's work carries an important warning: The "success" of a family can be the road to its disintegration.
Culture wydanie 4.03.2022 – 11.03.2022
Everywhere not at home, always perfectly strange
He had success with women, often those wise and well-off but he would chose the banal. Except for Marlena Dietrich.
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